Dance like Chris Brown

%d0%ba%d0%b5110So you want to learn to dance like Chris Brown? Well, that’s not going to be an easy task, as he is one of the most prodigious at his craft. His dancing skills are likened to Michael Jackson and he seems to improve with each release of a new album. It is no wonder his skills have been compared to Michael’s because Mr. Jackson is a huge influence on his performances.

To begin this task there is one prerequisite, you have to have at least a little bit of rhythm. If you lack even a gram of rhythm, that can be taught too. The love of music and the beat of the song and your personal expression is what matters most.

I will start with the simplest way to learn to dance like Chris Brown. Watch his videos incessantly. As you watch his videos, see how his body moves in time with his music. The flow of his arms and the kick of his legs express the music he is presenting.

%d0%ba%d0%b5111Never underestimate the power of YouTube. There you will find tutorials that will take you every step of the way. This becomes interactive, as you follow along with the instructions provided on the video. It will not be easy and it’s probably a certainty that you will not perfect his dance style completely, but as with all influences, part of yourself will always be revealed.

There are how-to videos for learning to dance like Chris Brown. This is similar to tutorials but often does not go as deep into the instruction. Here you will see the moves and since it is video you can rewind and fast forward. However, the slow instructive nature of a tutorial will be lacking.

Remember this is for fun. If it’s for a choreographed event, the tutorial will provide the better training.

If you wish to dance like Chris Brown, you have to commit to it by watching every video so you can get an understanding of his style.

The internet provides every avenue to learn to become a smooth and creative dancer like Chris Brown. Once you learn his skills, the enjoyment level at the dance club will increase exponentially. Others will seek you out for instruction, and the wave of dance will grow.