How to learn a language quick

%d0%ba%d0%b5101Learning a language is an effort that never goes to waste. At some or other time in your life, it will come in handy. You may travel to the country where that language is spoken, or you may meet someone who speaks that language, or you may just catch a movie made in that particular language.

Why Learn a Language

Learning a new language can be fun as well. As you go through the vocabulary and the particular pronunciations, the experience can give you sense of excitement. The other benefit of picking up new words and pronunciations is that it is beneficial for your brain. Studies have revealed that familiarising yourself with a new tongue can help prevent degenerative diseases.

Easy to Learn

%d0%ba%d0%b5100In the age of the internet, learning a new language is quite an easy process. Gone are the days when you needed to shop for the relevant books, or attend classes that cost money. There are free digital tools available, especially learning apps, that enable you to pick up a new language easily. Now there is absolutely no reason why you should not learn a new tongue.

Smart Tips

Here are some smart hacks that will cut down your learning time by half:

  • Learn The Phrases First

It is always good to get a good grounding in terms of words and other aspects of grammar, but you can easily take a shortcut and go straight for the phrases. Aim to learn the most commonly used sentences and group of words in a particular language and take it from there. This will not only allow you to get a feel of the new dialect, but will also help you understand the grammar and compositional aspects. It is a shortcut that should cut down your learning time considerably.

  • Watch and Listen

This technique is a bit old school, but it is still effective. Try and watch movies or TV shows in the language you are trying to learn. You can start with subtitles in English and then gradually watch the movies and shows without any aids. This is another shortcut technique that gives you an insight on how the language is generally spoken, along with idioms and slang. You can pick up the pronunciation in double quick time. It also helps you to learn the language faster.

  • Just 10 Minutes Everyday

We all find our lives getting incredibly busy. Picking up a new language in the midst of that may sound almost impossible to do. The good news is that you may need only 10 minutes every day. The more regular you are, no matter how short the time, will increase your response to the new dialect. It is all about familiarity and the more familiar you become, the easier you will find the learning experience.

  • Try and Think in The New Language

We usually think in English; now it is time to switch language. Try and think in the dialect that you are learning. This can be a fun exercise which will also enable you to learn the language faster.